Creative Arts

Creative Arts includes a wealth of options for learning and includes Performing Arts and many craft options and art related sessions including.

Clifford Cards

As a project we have always been blessed with volunteers, who bring a range of skills with them, but for over 8 years Liz Davison has run and organised Clifford cards. Originally starting at The Clifford project in Unit 10, and then moving up to Unit 2b when we moved on 2013.

Liz is what we call a professional volunteer, who organises her own card designs, projects, and materials, and with the students, passes on those skills to make the session more like a mini business enterprise or a professional workshop.

Clifford cards now sell to a number of outlets in Stone, like the Arcadia café, and the Lockkeepers hairdressing salon. Out of Stone they supply the Fire headquarters, and Hilderstone Hall. One Saturday in the month they also sell on the Hilderstone market.