Accessing Trinity Skills for Life

Choosing your next steps in life can be a difficult decision and with lots of options available it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the best option for you. We are here to help by providing you with all the information you need in order to to find out if Trinity Skills for Life is right for you.

Alongside our Open Events, there are lots of opportunities for you to come and visit us and meet our Staff and Students. Call 01785 818877 to arrange a suitable date. Along with a warm welcome, you will receive a tour of our facilities and an informal chat about our services.

You can click here to download our Information Pack which will give you lots of insight into our Services and Opportunities.

If you would like us to post  you a copy of our Information Pack email

You can also look us up on Facebook which is where we post photos of sessions and daily news


Referral to the Project

Most students access us using Direct Payments via a Social Worker from the Learning Disability Team however some students choose to self fund.

If you decide to access us via a social worker your Social Worker will assess your needs. Once referred to Trinity Skills for Life a taster day will be arranged arranged and the correct programme identified based around you, your interests and what your future goals are. A start date will be organised and  then, following an induction you officially become a student at Trinity Skills for Life.

Ongoing Assessment and Reviews

Once you become a student, the first term will focus on ongoing assessment and the chance for you to explore a range of opportunities.

Progressing and Moving-on

The project has good relationships with other organisations and once a student has progressed and developed, we seek to move young people on to a range of other opportunities which may include Supported Living, Full-time/Part-time College Courses, Part-time paid work, Voluntary work, Training Provider. The project ensures that transition takes place in a supportive and focused way at the appropriate time for each young person.