About Us

Trinity Skills for Life started back in 2003 and was originally named The Clifford Project. It started with just 3 students and a very small team of Staff and Management Directors. 17 Years later we are very proud to have a fantastic Centre with over 48 Staff and Students. With help from Students, Families, Local Professionals and our Community Connections we are proud of what Trinity Skills for Life has achieved and become today.

Our curriculum is very varied and engaging for all Students and their timetableis tailor made each year to reflect their growth and development. Subjects on offer include Independent Living Skills, Basic Skills, Performing Arts, Leisure and Recreation, Outdoor Focus, Mini Enterprise and so much more. We recognise that adults with Learning Disabilities should be able to make their own informed choices and with that in mind we offer personalised support and clear guidance to enable them to do just that.

Its also paramount for us, that all our students and Parents and Carers build friendships and a good support network. Which is why when you join us here at Trinity Skills we are all part of a large network which continues to grow and support each other to build stronger links and friendships.

Whichever path you choose to take everyone here at Trinity Skills for Life has you covered.