Client Data Privacy Notice

Trinity Skills for Life holds personal data on its Customers (the student) and their parents/carers to provide its services.

When Trinity Skills for Life process personal data to enable the service to be provided we will do the following

Do so only for the purposes of meeting our contractual obligations
Comply with all relevant instructions or requests you give us about processing this personal data
Take appropriate security measures to protect this personal data
Not allow this personal data to any third party unless there is a statutory obligation to do so or
We have your permission in writing
We have entered into a written contract with that third party and they agree to meet obligations that are equivalent to those set out in this notice
Provide reasonable and timely assistance to assist you in dealing with data protection related requests relating to data we hold about you
Inform you of any high risk activities relating to your data
Inform you of any data breaches relating to your data without undue delay
Make sure that all our personnel who need access to this personal data adhere to this notice
Allow you, after you have given reasonable notice, to enter our premise where this personal data is located/processed so you can make sure this notice is being met.